"On the journey to nourish a good habit - We are all companions."

Born in 2013 - At the house numbered 72 on Le Dinh Duong Street, after many years of trying, stumbling, and growing up to The Local Beans. This development is a strong affirmation of a young enthusiastic brand that has a passion for the coffee profession and brings itself a simple dream: Take care of the coffee-drinking habits of the people in Da Nang City with high-quality Vietnamese coffee beans.

Born locally, The Local Beans is proud to be a place to take care of good habits of local people.

Thông minh

Based on 345 đánh giá

David Clawson
David Clawson
tháng mười 25, 2023.

Great place to grab a coffee. Friendly staff

tháng mười 14, 2023.

다낭여행 계속 비가 와서 숙소 옆 카페이용 서비스 맛 분위기 친절 좋아요

Thuy Tran
Thuy Tran
tháng mười 10, 2023.

Bún mam.ngon, sach.

Fiona Duong
Fiona Duong
tháng mười 4, 2023.

Haven’t had the food but coffee here is great. Very tasty and fresh. You can really smell the aromatics of the coffee.

Reasonably price considering dine in is available in a really chilled environment to lounge in. Fans are available throughout the store.

They do not take card payments, cash only.

Must try: coconut coffee and salt coffee

We also ordered the cold brew and the filtered coffee with condensed milk. All were delicious as we came here every day we were in Da Nang.

The ambience besides the loud traffic noises is lovely. The traffic noises adds to the charm of this place. Music is not too loud and is quit soft matching the vibe of the cafe.

Would highly recommend a visit.

Darren Mango
Darren Mango
tháng mười 4, 2023.

Lovely decor and even better coffee at a reasonable price. While travelling we don’t normally frequent the same spot more than once. however as coffee lovers from Melbourne, we’re here for the 3rd day in a row and 9th coffee lol.

tháng chín 29, 2023.

다낭 와서 코코넛 커피 다양한 곳에서 먹었는데,
여기 원두가 풍미가 있고 맛있었어요 🙂
영어는 잘 안 통해서 조금 답답했지만,
커피는 괜찮았어요!
에스프레소를 스무디에 넣기 전에 흘려서,
추가금 내더라도 한샷 더 원한다고 말했는데,
직원 분이 영어를 못해서 소통이 안되더라고요.
다시 가져다 주면서도 100ml만 된다고 해서,
페이를 지불하겠다고 하는데도 그건 아니고
100ml만 이야기하길래 좀 특이했고요.
그냥 돈을 더 받고 100ml만 된다는 듯이
강조 안하는게 나을 듯 하네요 ;;
다 선불이고, 에어컨은 없는 자연주의 카페 예요.
커피 자체는 맛있었어요!