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"On the journey to nourish a good habit - We are all companions."

Da Nang people have a different habit of enjoying coffee. They can drink coffee all day, from the very start of a new day, or in the break time during work, sometimes in the afternoon or even very late evenings. We don't know about other place, but in Da Nang ... betel nut is not the beginning of the story, but the a cup of coffee. The saying "Let's coffee' is a bold invitation yet very lovely of people in such a beach city like Danang.

Born in 2013- At the house numbered 72 on Le Dinh Duong street, after many years of trying, stumbling and growing up to The Local Beans. This development is a strong affirmation of an young enthusiastic brand that has a passion for the coffee profession, brings itself a simple dream: Take care of the coffee drinking habits of the people in Da Nang city with high quality Vietnamese coffee beans.

We are The Local Beans, we want to say to all our customers, who have always trusted and accompanied us throughout the years, 'Be patient, since it takes a lot of time to nourish a good habit '


The service style is really worth learning. The price is reasonable.

Hồ Hiệp

Cozy space, gentle foreign music, delicious coffee.

Lê Thành Công

Airy space. Delicious drinks with good price. Fast service.

Ngân Xuân Lê

Everything is perfect, from the waitress to the coachman. Will come back more often.

Lê Đặng Như Ý

First time visiting The Local Beans to try delicious bread. Food is rispy and hot. Come back for sure.

Đức Chinh

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